Executive Director of Westcott Community Center gave ExPrep a positive review after taking ExPrep’s Microsoft Excel Training Courses.

How ExPrep Has Improved Job Efficiency

One of the central tenants of the ExPrep experience is that it can be used by anyone who lacks expertise using Microsoft Excel, or any experience whatsoever. The program teaches you the basics, and then increases your proficiency in each practice through the more advanced stages.

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Exprep interactive Excel training software

ExPrep Helps Users Learn Microsoft Excel

Having the right tools is crucial for both a business and for an individual. But just as important as possessing those tools is possessing the knowledge of how to use them. Microsoft Excel is a program used by countless companies, employees, and students. But few are truly proficient at using it. This is where ExPrep comes in.

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Toronto conferece

Toronto Hosts Conference for ExPrep, Other Microsoft Partners

ExPrep was represented at the conference by CEO and co-founder Brandon Eng, who was one of the nearly 16,000 people who made the trip to the sold-out arena.This event brings together members of the Microsoft community from all around the globe, as partners, distributors, and employees came together to network and put their new ideas and innovations on display.

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IAMCP logo

So what is IAMCP?

One of the reasons Microsoft has been able to succeed is the ability to create a network of its partners from around the world. It is here where the IAMCP plays a pivotal role.

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Excel logo

Why use Microsoft Excel at work?

The sheer variety of tasks that are possible with Excel is another one of its main draws. From creating simple lists to calculating and managing revenue, there is little that isn’t possible with Excel.But a powerful tool requires the knowledge of how to use it.

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