The Power of Guided Learning Right in Your Workbook
ExPrep Training is an interactive and self-paced instruction program for Microsoft Excel, conveniently available as an add-in right in your workbook. We offer instantaneous feedback in nearly a hundred modules including vlookup, pivot tables, and charts and graphs.
ExPrep excel software enables users to learn excel programming at their own pace and with immediate feedback right on their own computer. You can go back and try again or skip ahead to the lesson you need, making this truly a unique user experience. What a great way to learn!
- Joan Royle (Westcott Community Center)
How does ExPrep Train Users in Microsoft Excel?
Learn with Real World Spreadsheets
ExPrep uses spreadsheets that reflect real-world scenarios, giving you hands-on training in an environment you’ll recognize.
Immediate Feedback Designed to Help You Grow
When you get a problem wrong, ExPrep shows you where and how you made a mistake with immediate and interactive feedback, helping you correct and learn.
Exprep was very useful for learning how to find my way around on Excel. I liked the summary on each sub lesson before actually starting the questions and the organization of each lesson group. I thought all of the data used was simplistic to work on without making things confusing.
- Michael (Student)
Comprehensive training from the beginner to the advanced user
Learn a Wide Range of Topics
With close to a hundred modules available, ExPrep can train you and your students in any number of topics ranging from beginner to advanced, including vlookup, pivot tables, and chart and graph construction.

Lesson #1: Create Worksheets & Workbooks

Section 1: Create Worksheets & Workbooks
1) Create new Workbook
2) New Workbook with Template
3) Add Worksheet
4) Copy & Move Worksheet
Section 2: Navigate Through Workbooks
5) Insert Hyperlinks
6) Go To
7) Go To Special
Section 3: Format Worksheets & Workbooks
8) Change Worksheet Tab Button
9) Modify Page Setup
10) Delete Columns/Rows
11) Insert Columns/Rows
12) Adjust Row Height & Column Width
13) Insert Headers & Footers
Section 4: Customize Options & Views for Workbooks
14) Hide Worksheets
15) Hide Columns/Rows
16) Change Workbook Views
17) Zoom in/out
18) Display Formulas
19) Freeze Panes
20) Split Window
Section 5: Configure Workbooks to Print & Save
21) Set Print Area
22) Save Workbook in Alternate File Format
23) Save Files to Remote Locations
24) Repeat Headers and Footers
25) Set Print Scaling
26) Print Individual Worksheet
27) Protect a Worksheet

Lesson #2: Create Cells & Ranges

Section 1: Format Cells & Ranges
28) Find and Replace Data
29) Copy & Paste Data
30) Use Autofill tool
31) Delete Cells
32) Insert Cells
33) Merge Cells
34) Modify Cell Alignment & Indents
35) Change Font & Font Styles
36) Applying Highlighting
37) Wrap Text
38) Apply Number Format
39) Use Format Painter
40) Conditional Formatting
Section 2: Order & Group Cells & Ranges
41) Transposing Column/Row
42) Create Name Ranges
43) Create Outline
44) Insert Subtotal

Lesson #3: Apply Functions & Formulas

Section 1: Utilizing Cell Ranges & References
45) Relative Referencing
46) Absolute Referencing
Section 2: Summarize Data with Functions
47) SUM Function
48) MIN Function
49) MAX Function
50) COUNT Function
51) AVERAGE Function
Section 3: Conditional Logic with Functions
52) IF Function
53) SUMIF Function
54) AVERAGEIF Function
55) COUNTIF Function
Section 4: Format & Modify Text with Functions
56) LEFT Function
57) RIGHT Function
58) MID Function
59) TRIM Function
60) CONCATENATE Function
61) UPPER Function
62) LOWER Function
Section 5: Functions for the Workplace
63) ROUND Function
64) VLOOKUP Function
65) HLOOKUP Function
66) INDEX/MATCH Function
67) AND Function
68) OR Function

Lesson #4: Create Tables, Charts & Graphs

Section 1: Create & Manage Tables
69) Insert Table
70) Band Rows
71) Table Styles
72) Insert Table Columns
Section 2: Filter & Sort A Table
73) Remove Duplicates
74) Filter
75) Sort Functions
76) Sort Multiple Columns
77) Change Sort Order
78) Data Validation
Section 3: Create Charts & Chart Elements
79) Insert Line Graph
80) Chart Title
81) Axis Titles
82) Axis Options
83) Add Legend
84) Resize Charts and Graphs
85) Add Trendline
86) Add Data Series
87) Add Gridlines
88) Chart Styles
89) Insert Sparklines

Lesson #5: Create Advanced Charts & Tables

Section 1: Create & Manage Pivot Tables/Pivot Charts
90) Insert PivotTable
91) Modify Field Sections
92) Add Calculated Fields
93) Add Slicers
94) Group PivotTable
95) Get PivotTable Data
96) Insert PivotChart
97) PivotChart Styles
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