Your Spreadsheets, Our Automation.
The ExPrep Grader is an automated grading tool for educators using Microsoft Excel in the classroom. We offer a fully customizable and automated platform for grading and tracking assignments that works with your current learning management system.
ExPrep has had a huge impact on my classes. I have students do a lot of finance (mainly discounting) and accounting (journal entries, post to T-accounts, indirect method cash flow worksheet, prepare financial statements). ExPrep lets me set up a feedback mechanism in which students can submit their work and get their mistakes flagged as they do the work. It greatly improves the efficiency of my teaching efforts. I could not be more happy with it.
- Rick Antle (Yale University)
How does ExPrep Automate your Content?
Quick and Painless Grading
ExPrep automates the grading process for your assignments, scoring instantaneously, and granting students access to their grades as soon as you allow it.
Fully Customize Your Assignments
ExPrep works with any exam or assignment that uses Excel, allowing you full control over your content. No more adapting inflexible textbook modules. Design your own exam and let ExPrep automate the grading.
Feedback Designed to Help Your Students Learn
ExPrep offers full customization of grading options, allowing you to set parameters for full and partial credit, as well as what feedback the students get upon completion, helping them see where and how they made mistakes.
Prevent Cheating
ExPrep tracks students’ spreadsheets and can tell you when portions have been copied and pasted from other workbooks, flagging the submissions to help you identify both the copier, and the student whose work was copied.
Through ExPrep, students get a frustration free hands on experience. My section faculty are so happy they no longer have to devote significant effort to grading. Students and faculty can now focus on the content of the assignment rather than fighting technical issues, confusion over irrelevant forms, grading errors, etc.
- Courtney Edwards (UNC Chapel Hill)
"90% reduction in time spent grading, reporting and uploading"
Prof Nik Butz
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
September 2019
At the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, Professor Nik Butz teaches Management Information Systems & Advanced Spreadsheet Applications. Each semester, Butz teaches approximately 100 students across 3 sections. Professor Butz wanted to provide students with a hands-on experience and more practice in Excel but found it impractical to assign exercises that would require anything more than rudimentary analyses.
Each assignment given would take 10+ hours between grading, reporting and uploading to Canvas. Overall, Butz would spend 30+ hours each semester to complete these tedious tasks for 3 assignments in Excel.
After using ExPrep, Butz now spends 2 hours each semester to check the results and transfer them into Canvas. One hour is spent setting up the assignment into the ExPrep Grader. Professor Butz sees over a 90% reduction in time spent to complete the tasks post providing an assignment.
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